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How to unlock loyalty

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We help retailers to create outstanding experiences for each and every customer by providing them with vision technologies and customised data analysis to personalise their services. Delighted customers will turn into recurring customers, which leads to increased profits and flourishing businesses.

A camera films the customer and we detect various unique face features. Applied machine learning algorithms recognise faces reliably and link them to customers' accounts. This enables an automated order and check-out process. Staff can spend time with the customer rather than fighting with the eftpos machine or collecting change. Furthermore, the generated database provides the retailer with never-seen-before opportunities to personalise and streamline their services.

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Development of service

Traditionally, service was deemed a non-value adding task. However, it has transcended that stage and became an important factor of differentiation. In fact, many businesses don't offer products anymore and simply provide customers with outstanding services. A world with almost instant access to information has developed and recent artificial intelligence programs now try to humanize, personalize, and automate the shopping process. The focus shifted towards the customer, and how we can maximise benefits from technologies and interactions with the digital world. Recent developments enabled digital companies to create sophisticated profiles and provide customers with tailored offerings.

How do bricks-and-mortar businesses keep up with that?

service timeline


Total focus on the customer
Technology must be easy to integrate
Personal care must be preserved

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