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Birdee has taken a major leap in the last 3 months. We’ve gathered data, reached out to various customers and extended our research. Our product portfolio grew, and we have created a solution for Australia’s offline retailers in the emergence of e-commerce companies such as Amazon. So, if you have been wondering where we were, we have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare ourselves for this particular moment.

Online retailer

Online retailers create extensive customer profiles which help them to provide each and every customer with personalised services and products. Moreover, there are no check-out lines and in many cases (digital goods) reception of goods and services is instant and the quality is always the same. Coupled with enhanced transparency and multiple feedback options, e-commerce developed into a real alternative to offline retailers.

Bricks-and-mortar businesses

Offline retailers have significant advantages over e-commerce businesses which are mainly based on personal treatment of customers. However, being friendly is not enough anymore and many businesses lost their advantages. Long lines at the check-out, generic approaches, inflexible solutions, and less transparency is not accepted anymore. The problem is that in many cases shop-floor staff doesn’t know who their customer is and hence find it incredibly difficult to offer a service that is tailored to their specific needs. New technologies can help them to re-gain their competitive edge but three factors are ultimately determining the success.

  1. Total focus on the customer
  2. Technology must be easy to integrate
  3. The advantage of personal service must not be substituted

Our solution for cafes

We dug deeper into those aforementioned issues and focused on cafes and their consumers, the coffee drinkers.

Research has shown that three main factors are vital to the success of a café.

  1. Consistent quality of Coffee
  2. Consistent quality of Service
  3. Fast serving times

Unfortunately, cafes most of the time contravene these success factors by having lengthy ordering and check-out processes. Moreover, even regular customers have to repeat their orders; and lastly,  many cafes have rigid “buy ten get one for free” loyalty programs no-one cares about.

This is where Birdee fits in

Today we proudly present a solution for your cafe frustrations which has been made possible by the help and input of many cafes and even more coffee drinkers. We are dedicated to continue with our customer focused approach and thus would want to hear more of your valuable feedback. You can simply comment on Birdee by contacting us and or by rating our solution at the end of this post.

cafe ordering process

A camera films the customer and we detect various unique face features. Applied machine learning algorithms recognise faces reliably and link them to customers’ accounts. This enables an automated order and check-out process. Staff can spend time with the customer rather than fighting with the eftpos machine or collecting change. Furthermore, the generated database provides the cafe with never-seen-before opportunities to personalise and streamline their services.

To all the coffee drinkers out there

Get the personal approach and service you deserve and stop wasting time lining up and explaining what you want over and over again.

Have you ever forgotten your loyalty card?

With Birdee the cafe knows how often you visited them and what you ordered. Based on that they can tailor their offerings to YOUR particular wants. Get Muffins, Cookies, Sandwiches for free rather than the tenth coffee. Receive the treatment YOU deserve.

To all the cafes out there

  • Use Birdee to create a seamless customer experience across different locations, and independent from single employees.
  • Speed up the ordering process and spend quality time with your valuable customers.
  • Get to know your customers and offer individual loyalty rewards.
  • Increase your sales, customer satisfaction, and customer base.

All you need is a single camera that we install for free and our App that seamlessly integrates with your POS system.

Moving forward, I would like to say thank you to everyone who made Birdee happen! Without your valuable feedback we would not have been able to proceed with our business as much as we have. Please never stop criticising us and continue to be part of our story and development cycles.


PS: If you are interested in using Birdee for your café or if you simply want to learn more, contact us anytime ( or leave us a comment.

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