Make Queuing a Technology of the Past

Food delivered to your door. Computers allowing you access the worlds knowledge 24/7. Talk to the world, instantly message anyone anytime. The future is now……..wait…. so why do we still wait in queues?

Queues are a pain of every event, retailer and transport department. People are corralled through narrow entrances, force to stand in line for hours just to gain entry, sometimes standing for longer then the event will even last. Why can’t it be as easy as walking into your best mates house?

The solution to queues? Birdee Solutions.

Pain Points

The cost of queueing rests with both the customer and the retailer. It’s all about real-time demand exceeding real-time supply of an indeterminate set of subjects. In laymen’s terms,

the event organisers don’t know:

  • Will the customers arrive all at once? When do I grant access, how long do I keep the doors open.
  • Will all of them pass through without a problem? Will they all have their tickets, will all their tickets work, will all the ticket readers work?
  • How many staff do they need to put on? Ticket officers, security, how many do I need and when?
  • How long will the queue be? Railing requirements, do they need shelter, are they blocking other entrances or standing in a dangerous place.
  • How patient will my customers be? Will the customers be discouraged by coming into the event due to the queue? Will they give up halfway?

And the customers feel:

  • Why am I wasting my time? Is it worth the wait, is there an alternative?
  • Will I need a seat while waiting? Need to go to the bathroom, have a drink or food?
  • The people next to me are not pleasant. Smoking in the queue, bad attitude, noisy, smelly.
  • Do I need a jacket to stand in the rain/cold? Where do I put my jacket once I am inside?

All in all standing in a queue is not comfortable. On average people spend months of the lives standing in queues. This has been studied by many for years but there was never a good solution. Until now.

Queue with Birdee and only bring a smile

Tried and Failed

Queue: “A line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed”

People queue for something they want. If waiting in line for the item is not worth the person’s time they will simple not get it or worse go somewhere else. People are designed to remember bad situations over good ones. Shops have tried for years to tackle the horror of queueing to pay for your items. They have tried multiple queues for multiple cashiers. This makes it appear that there are shorter queues but when one queue moves faster then the next it creates frustration, destroying the first come, first served etiquette of queuing. The next evolution was one queue for multiple cashiers. At first glance it looked like the queue is huge making people afraid to enter the store. However, it makes the people think the queue is moving faster, making them less anxious and it allows that one customer that takes too long feels appreciated without causing too much frustration. There is also the use of self service counters where customers can serve themselves. Multiple customer scanners handed-out so people can scan their own items before they get to the till in an honesty policy so that they just pay and leave.

The latest advent in retail is the Amazon Go stores. They are a great idea for no checkouts but still have large queues outside of people messing with their phones trying to find a QR code just so they can enter the store.

For those traveling or going to events there are priority tickets. These offer a chance to pay more to skip the queue. However, these tickets are an illusion because they still require you to wait and queue behind those who have also paid. Each person still needs to stop, show their ticket, ID and then be moved on. It makes people who haven’t paid feel unequal and less about themselves and have those people who have more time then money to be worse off.  

So, what is the real solution to queues?

The best solution is to remove them. People are much happier to change the norm to avoid queuing. With retail, people are shopping online more and more from the comfort of their own home. People are paying more for priority boarding on aircraft and for fast pass into events and onto rollercoasters. Removing queues is big business and customers know this.

Amazon Go stores are a great idea but still have large queues outside and still require people to use their phones to check-in on entry. Priority boarding still requires you to wait and queue behind those who have also paid priority boarding to stop show their ticket, passport and for them to be moved on.

Queuing is being revolutionised by us at Birdee Solutions. We use advanced facial recognition technology to register all users so that eventually queues will become obsolete. Our system links your face with your ticket and ID so that when you arrive at an event you simply walk in and enjoy. No more ticket checks and no more ID checks required. The technology is here today so why not use it. A simple registration means that entry to any of our affiliate organisations will be as easy as walking in and saying hi.


Birdee imagines a world where you don’t need a phone, a credit card, a ticket or even ID to buy what you want and to go where you want without waiting. The benefits to a person looking to go to an event are that one no longer has to worry about printing a ticket or has to worry about their phone dying before they reach the end of the queue. Due to new regulations in Queensland a lot of people going to licensed venues on a weekend have to bring their passport or drivers licenses out with them. Losing or damaging these pieces of identification are a big problem and an unnecessary risk that people need to take. This can also eventually apply to bringing money or credit cards with you, reducing crime. Removing the queues also means that one no longer has to stand in the cold or under the sun waiting to get into an event. People are less likely to be turned away from a venue if they can walk straight in. The number of staffing requirements will also be lower, hopefully passing on the savings to the customers.

Your face is always with you so why not make that your proof of identification. Birdee is a company for the people, trying to save your time and everyone else’s. So why not let a little birdee sort out everything for you?

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