Are you manufacturing customized goods?

Due to inefficiencies in the material handling and asset tracking process most manufacturers lose precious time and energy. Chaotic processes weaken your business unnecessarily. Dealing with this leads to less resources available to core business tasks and thus actively decreases competitiveness.

Saving your time and energy is our forte.


Birdee provides enterprises with optical technology to automate, monitor, and, control all existing assets in their factories and warehouses. This precise vision based technology creates a digital real-time image of the factory, enabling the operator to get live data and total control of the factories from anywhere, anytime. This shift towards transparency is key to integration of both new technologies and customers’ value chains.


In an ever more competitive landscape production, warehouse efficiency is a crucial factor to success. SMEs are especially struggling to improve and automate their manufacturing or warehouse facilities. The main reasons are lack of time, money, safety, and missing flexibilities in existent automation services.

Birdee tackles and solves all of these issues of warehouses and manufacturing automation systems more efficiently. On the technical side, the system provides manufacturers with a flexible solution to automate the movement and the tracking process of all existent assets inside their facilities. On the service side, our team has the capabilities to gradually implement such a system in a factory with minimal risks and negative outcomes for the ongoing operations. Ultimately, the business owner can refocus on the core parts of their business and further increase competitiveness through automation.




I partnered with an industry expert in Germany who is responsible for building the brand in Germany/Europe. Our main customers are small to medium sized factories that produce customised goods and struggle to keep track of their assets. We create a digital real-time 3D image of factories. This digital version enables one to track every single asset inside the factory. This main idea led us to three stages which we want to achieve in a timely order as follows:

  • The digital image can assist with additional tracking, safety, and security for factories
  • The digital image can be used to control the movement of certain vehicles inside the factory
  • The digital image can control internal material flows within factories and replace common barcodes using automation
    • This promises ownership of factory control at any time and from any location

Existent technologies have been merged and new products developed to make Birdee happen. Since early 2016 we develop tailored products for and with our customers.

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