Verified by Birdee

Let your face be your ID and ticket for rapid entrance control at events.


Use a camera to recognise attendants and verify identity to validate the ticket

Fast Process
Streamlining the ticket verification process reduces wait time tremendously which increases customer satisfaction.

Checking Identification
Our camera system can recognise everyone that is registered and hence determine the identification of that person in the blink of an eye without the need of presenting an ID.

The venue knows who is on-site and can send personalised text messages to selected attendants.

Always be in full control and know who is on-site. In case of an emergency situation this allows for rapid reporting to first respondents which helps to carry-out appropriate actions.

Analyse success of Events and follow-up with people that attended. Recognise individuals across multiple events you run.

Positive impact on attendants and event organisers due to ease of use and fast registration process.


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