One Global Database

Birdee allows customers to register just once and share that data with all participating venues.

Comprehensive List of People

Have an accurate list of everyone who visited the venue, readily available at your fingertips.

Covid Safe

Be compliant and stop storing piles of paper and inaccessible data.

Covid Smart

Make compliance easier for yourself and use the opportunity to understand your customer's better. When they visit? How long they stay? How much money they spend?

Don't just be Covid Safe be Covid Smart. Request a demo now and get the first two weeks free!

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It's simple and only takes a second

1. Your customers register here. (They only need to do this once)


2. Your staff logs-in to Birdee and searches your customers by name to check them in.

3. You check them out when they leave. (Recording the exact time they spent with you)

Birdee advanced Check-Ins

Advanced Customer Check-Ins

Monthly Report

Adhoc Report when requested by Health Authorities


Advanced Customer Check-Ins

Weekly Report per Venue

Monthly Enterprise Report

Record of Sales Value per Customer

Online Processing of Payments at no extra costs

*Gold tier is currently only available in Australia.